Within 36 hours - frost that blackened the tops of the potatoe rows to 20C and in T Shirts! Think I may even be a bit sun burnt.

Still no rain.  Veg bed is dust for the first 4 inches - some fields sown this spring around us are bare soil the crops are not making any progress.


  1. We have rain, it's lovely too see, but still not enough, oh well every little helps.

  2. we ave had some much needed rain this evening yipeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. It's raining again here, I hope it last all day our ground needs water.

  4. Friday morning and enough misty rain just to dampen the soil which isn't really enough to do any good at all!

  5. We've had quite a bit of rain through the night and up until late morning so hopefully it's done the garden good-x-

  6. it rained last night for a good half hour , got up this morning to a green world


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