Monday, 23 April 2018

Recent beach finds

The bitter east wind storms in march dragged a lot of things up on the beaches in north Norfolk and when we visited our Easter the smaller grandchildren collected a lot of shells for Grandma.
Some now decorate the edge of my garden trough of cheerfulness narcissus.

 The spiral ones are really big and are sitting on the ledge round the log hobby cabin.
I will have to search out some ideas of crafting with all these!

We took off a bag full of plastic from the beach in payment for collecting these goodies.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Alternative routes

From about 5 years ago (as we have got older) we started to get annoyed with motorways and busy A routes/dual carriageways and all the rush, rush, traffic.  When we go out we look for an alternative. One that is now our favourite is to avoid the A47. Anyone who has been on it will know it is all roundabouts and lots of single carriage way bits, and far too many lorries!  This weekend we took a parallel route slightly north, and going to Stamford to get to the Midlands from Norfolk.  It was a lovely day and the villages and rolling countryside were absolutely wonderful and it was only a few miles and a few minutes longer than the main road.  It reminded us that there are still some lovely parts of the UK, relatively unspoilt and full of people looking relaxed and enjoying village life!  We were jealous of the lovely pub gardens we passed especially - could not stop, obviously, as drinking and driving is just not on.

Even better at the other end our two young grand daughters (ably assisted by our middle son who loves to play with fire) cooked us a lovely barbecue. We have never been into BBQs. This is probably the 3rd one we have been to in 10 years and we were surprised about how nice the food was especially as my daughter in law uses her Indian influences in the marinades!


Today you could practically see the asparagus grow inch by inch in the extraordinary weather. So exhausted from digging and rotovating to try and get the veg beds ready I cut the first three stalks and went in to tea.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Are you reading anything different?

I like crime novels.   I have read quite a lot Swedish crime novels, couple of  Danish, one or two French and Italian ones and  quite a few Icelandic.  All translated of course.   (Bit like Saturday night dramas seen on BBC4!)

Now I am trying a Spanish (well, Basque) crime story.  Bit strange. A completely different policing system and this particularly book leaves in quite a bit of local language and customs.

Its nice to try something a bit different.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Spring progress

Spring is slowly coming here and will accelerate after today's heatwave.  Our hedge of British natural species at the end of our field is almost looking like a hedge after 3 years.  A couple of them have flowers.  There are several dog roses included and I can't wait to see if we get some blooms this year.

In the flower beds the perennials are making great progress.  This delphinium is romping away.

Our veg garden is gradually drying out but we know it is soggy underneath so are keeping off till the weekend. Pity our neighbour  (80 feet away) was not so impatient - he buried his tractor in a soft spot on Tuesday and will have to wait for the ground to firm up before getting a tow out!

In our poly tunnel the ground is very dry and warm and I harvested a few salad leaves and a couple of small radish for lunch.


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Fields of gold

We went out this weekend  and enjoyed the surrounding fields of fully blooming daffodils which are being grown on by the bulb producers. Forget the yellow of rape crops this is far more golden. We have not seen many flowers being picked round here at present which is usually done when the flowers are still closed and green -  those fields must be somewhere else this year. That is OK as we get to see acres of blooms.

At the garden centre there were lovely beds of hyacinths - wish computers had scent capturing!
There was a super bug hotel in among the sales areas.
We spent quite a long time mooching around the re cycling/vintage shop. We want some wooden seed trays to make display boxes for the walls at home. They had a stack but want £4 each.
I hesitate because they were not well made and we have some pallet wood behind the shed.  I am sure we could......

My purchase of the day was a six pack of celery. We use quite a lot but have not had great success with them so far.  The instructions on these are to put in a square and put black polythene barrier round them to blanch.  They look unhappy here as my husband just dropped them!  I have since potted them on and they are coming on nicely.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My lucky day!

A few weeks ago I got up the courage to make a complaint to a National bank about the way I was sold one of those £10 a month accounts years ago.  It was very traumatic for me at the time and ultimately led to my decision to pay off all debts in my life and never use a mainstream  "bank" again.  After a long of phone call they agreed some compensation and sent a letter to their branch in town for collection.

Image result for surprised faceOf course, that morning I missed the early bus and decided to use the ten minutes wait filling in prize coupons in the local free newspaper and cutting them out. The route to the bank passed the newspaper office and I left them in the box there.

At the bank the letter was astonishing - over £1000 !!!

This morning the phone rang and I had one first prize!!!  I would have been happy with the hamper of meat or the patio set which were on offer but my first prize is a meal for 2 at the Michelin star restaurant and tickets to a concert in the nearby concert hall (worth £47.50 each).

Leaves you wondering if that was the day I should have brought a lottery ticket??

Recent beach finds

The bitter east wind storms in march dragged a lot of things up on the beaches in north Norfolk and when we visited our Easter the smaller ...