Nutty supermarket pricing

All the media especially TV have these supersavy spending advice things but how are mere mortals suppose to cope?
I was doing my on line shop the other day and came across these anomalies.  These were not even offers - just the supermarket "normal" pricing strategies.

Buy 1 kg and pay 30p a gram
Buy 790g and pay 26p a gram - putting up with Santa on the packet?

Stock gel packs
Buy in packs of 8 for £5
Buy in packs of 4 at £1 each and you pay £2 for 8!

Lasagna ready sauces
Buy 2 individual sauces at £1 each
Buy the same 2 sauces wrapped together and you pay £3.

How on earth do you cope when standing in the supermarket with a muttering husband, screaming kids and people shoving you if you pause to think?  I shop on line to avoid a 12 mile round trip so have time to check and avoid.

I do think consumer protection people should be working harder to resolve some of these weird pricing practices - it really feels like the supermarkets are deliberating trying to cheat th…

Not a great Friday

Its cold, but dry and sunny so I should not have had a rotten day compared to all those suffering in the snow. But the deep back filling done on 31 October had popped off.  I have suffered through terrible dentists in the 1960/70s  and absolutely hate the whole process. Not even the young Italian dentist who is very gentle can make up for having to go again so soon.

Make it worse.  After a run of very poor cake making (read inedible) I finally got my Bake-off mojo back  and there was a lovely carrot cake languishing in the tin as my tooth went ouch with every sweet thing.

I use the Mary Berry recipe from BBC Good Food and I can recommend this.  I have learnt the first step of combing the oil, sugar and eggs really well until it thickens is essential.  Here cream filling/topping with this  recipe is lovely.

Just say NO!

Just say NO was a anti drugs slogan way back when. This week I have been screaming it at the TV. There was a report saying people could not handle the Christmas debt and got up to £2000 on credit cards.

For goodness sake people. Say NO. You don't need ALL the trimmings. Be sensible.

Country house weekend

Just returned from a super weekend on the Isle of Wight celebrating our friends 70th birthday. Stayed at Kingston Manor which was "faded" but grand and baronial.
And had several large meals with the large family who decorated the main dining room beautifully to sit 14 people and produced large meals between us all.
Visited Steephill cove, Ventnor and Bembridge by car
  but also got in a long walk across the downs (mostly to wear off the food!) when the sun came out for a while.

Bit of a trek home, especially the underground where there were far too many stairs for me when you have bags, but we were so glad to see our neighbour at the local railway station for the last few miles in the warmth of his car.

Oh dear. Feeling very flat today after so much fun and company.

Quick project

Too cold for gardening, no DIY projects to start, no cooking plans so I went out to my hobby cabin to tidy and find something to do.  As I refolded my stash of fabric I found a carrier with material cut out for a tote bag from a piece of curtaining 3 houses back; I had put this by for some time.
I was just preparing the handles when I saw a scrap of fleece jacket material on the bench; leftover from the rag rug making. Thinking about how uncomfortable thin fabric handles can be I fiddled around until I had achieved a nice soft lining for them.  I added a smooth silky lining to the bag too from my stash of plain nylon/rayon fabrics someone had given me.
The really nice button I added to make a fastening was brought some years ago on Bristol street market and was economic support project.
At the time I was working on unemployment projects in a near by county and thought we should be doing something similar.

This is a pretty bag, I may use it to give a Christmas gift.

Rag rug

My rag rug is completed. Its a nice thick one.  8 feet by 2.5 feet.
What went into it?
3 zip up fleeces - grey, black, blue
2 pullover thin fleeces - maroon, navy
2 thin green wool jumpers
1 green long floaty cardigan
1 pink jersey material nightdress
1 pink wool scarf
1 pink jersey T shirt
1 multi floral jersey material blouse
1 brown short cardigan
1 husband's grey sweat shirt
1 red button up cardigan with a high neck

The fleece materials could be cut into 1" strips, the jersey more like 3" wide as it rolls into itself and the knitted wool about 1.5" to 2" depending on its thickness as it folds into half and plaits nicely.

I found the best combination for plaiting was 1 strand of fleece, 1 strand of woolly material, 1 strand of jersey.  This also allowed for more colour combinations.

Got some thin strips left but no more fleece. I am going to stop there as I wanted the thickness and stability of the fleece material. Stitched it up with very strong thread.

Meal planning

Having now restocked the dry goods cupboard I popped down to the next village and spent £32 on
various meats, 1 kg of fresh fish and a tray of eggs.  I then spent the afternoon on dividing it all up to last over the next two weeks.  I have 17 main meals and 10 lunches where some meat is included.

Some is to be cooked in big batches - a mini roast lamb joint that our butchers sells for £2.90 and will last at least two main meals. Sometimes a bit also left for a lunch.
I also got a pack of shin of beef. Stewed in the slow cooker with beans it makes lovely meals for 2 days. I try to be good and restrict the addition of dumplings to just one day.  But its cold and I could weaken and have more. Weight loss will have to wait a bit longer.

The rest was all weighed into 200grm portions which is our shared protein for our main meal.

A bucket of fresh vegetable collected from the veg patch will help the week's meals.
Some weeks ago I was reading a blog of someone who used up odd shampoos fo…